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Re: [IP] cold season

> My basal rates are not well worked out yet, but I also seem to need to lower
> it in the early morning (I have been going from .5 most of the day to .4 from
> 3-7a.m., because when I didn't my bs goes down then).  My doctor and I chatted
> about it not being what we would have expected, but she agreed it seemed to be
> what was called for.  I had considered before asking here if anyone else found
> this pattern.

There are numerous patterns that vary greatly for each individual. A 
lot depends on your age, lifestyle, activity level, stress tolerance, 
etc.... The best thing you can do is carefully profile your basal 
requirements every 6months to a year or as needed and make slight 
adjustments. There are HOWTO's and graphic tools to help you do this 
on the web site.

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