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Re: [IP] cold season

>..He was concerned that my 12-4am basal was .6, then I dropped to .4
> until 9am whn I picked up to .7...OH NOOOO  not right according to doctors
> text book - the fact that it works for me be damned.  He said I was way over-
> insulinating me in those wee hours and that I needed MORE not less in those
> dawnish hours...  he told me to change to .2 from 11pm to 3 am and then .8
> until 8am...My eyeballs poked out when he said that..I said "I will meet you
> in ER, buddy"  

I think Lily's endo read the same book. He told her the same story. 
After trying his scheme for a week with her bg's in the 300-400 
range, she went back to her 1 unit from 1:00 to 4:30 and .8 from then 
to 11:00. When I talked to him later he was very nice and simply said 
he was worried she was overinsulinizing, yadda yadda..... Sometimes I 
think the docs think we're complete idiots. Oh well...

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