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[IP] reusing syringes

> reusing syringes is not the best of ideas if you can avoid it.  one 
> reason is the lubricant within the syringe that helps to slide the 
> plunger tends to go. another reason there is a higher incidence 
> of site infections in those that reuse them.

and again, this is a case of YMMV.  I use the same syringe for up to 4 or 5
refills...and sometimes the same tubing for 3 or 4.   Never had a problem with
the o-rings not sliding...never had a problem with no delivery alarms...and
only 1 or 2 site infections that were probably more due to my unsanitary prep
than reusing a syringe.

Oh yeah, and I also pull the insulin back out of the tubing into the syringe
before I un hook the tubing, then reattach the needle and fill the syringe up

but...YMMV and I am  not one to be held up as a shining example of virtue.....

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