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[IP] STomach or LEg??? and pump bumps

 William Hickey wrote:

> I just wanted to know if many people use their legs or other
> appendages apart from their tummys.

i don't have any other appendages that the thought of a needle being stuck
into and a long tubing being attached doesnt gross me out..but I do use my
legs on occasion and find I have good results there, and it is much easier to
see, cuz you can sit down and do it, and you don't have to hold your boob
outta the way with your arm...but maybe you don't have that problem.  

However, leg sites dont last as long mainly cuz I am usually in a rush to pull
my pants down, for whatever reason, and have a tendancy to rip that sucker
right on out.  Also, my legs have been described (not by Minimed) as
"excessively muscular" so I have a much quicker reaction to the insulin, and
the lump is bigger and lasts much longer when I use my legs.

as for pump bumps...maybe I am just lucky to have a belly that wouldn't be
described by ANYONE as excessively lean, so I can rotate a lot...and rarely
get the same place...but then i also defy reason and only switch every 5-7
days, unless I have RIPPED it out, (see above) or it it is itchy and red, so
maybe I give em more time to heal before I need to reuse em.

I use alcohol swabs followed by a Bard wipe, which makes the area sticky, but
has no antiseptic as far as i can tell, and we all know how BBBBAAAADDDD plain
old alcohol is, so go figger .  I have had maybe 1 or 2 funky sites in almost
6 years of pumping with such unsanitary behavior...but then my eyes bleed
alot...guess that is the trade I got...

*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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