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Re: [IP] News to Share

Congratulations to Miss America of Newfoundland!
That is so wonderful, Pat.  You are doing something wonderful.  I am almost scared to start a support group cause I might have to speak in public....however, like you, I believe in the subject and that has always saved me in the past.  I went to the our Benefits coordinator and let them know that they were free to give my name to anyone with diabetes and a couple of people have come to me and I have sent them to specialist to check on getting a pump.   You keep up the good work. 

The little red dots will fade after a long time.  I have them also, but no scabs or anything.  Sometimes at the end of my 3.5 days of wearing a silhouette I have absorption problems, and have to change sites and will find a small bump under the skin that last a day.  After a while the red dots are smooth skin with just the slightest redness showing.  I try not put a new site directly on top of one....but evey with my stomach having plenty of space, after a while I am sure I have. Keep up the good work!

Bonnie Richardson
COLSA, 256.922.1512, x1805

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