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Re: [IP] News to Share

> Secondly, I have a question to ask regarding site bumps and scars..do
> the bumps eventually leave..my abdomen is like a bunch of
> poke-a-dots..I'm afraid what it will look like after a number of years
> using the pump..my endo suggested using the needle..presently I using
> the Softset and I like it.. does any one have any suggestions..
> Yours in Pumping

Yes and no.  The small ones go away.  Eventually you run low on sites and I find (even when I do regular injections) that my
skin and fatty tissue layer eventually develop some hypertrophy.  You will also develop some scar tissue.  The good news is
that the newer sets leave fewer scars and they take longer to build up.  The bad news is that yes, 10-15 years down the line
there will be some marks etc...  Some people think this is a small price.  Others think it is a big price.  I've usually
thought about it less as a cost than as one more thing about me that either is or isn't irritating or ugly.  When I go
swimming with my sister-in-law who has had three babies and laughs about her stretch marks, I think, oh, actually, it isn't
too much worse than all the kinds of scars people just accumulate as they age.  When I am somewhere like a gym with other
youngish, healthy, ahtletic types, I look again and think "yipes!"   I imagine it depends a bit upon the kind of people
(physically) around you and their accumulated "stretch" marks (or lack thereof).  As a college student, I remember that my
dorm mates were always impressed (when I actually let anyone catch a glimpse) by the seriousness they thought those scars
conveyed and I was horrified by how clearly ugly they seemed and by the fact that they appeared like war scars.  It is nice to
get a little older and discover that other things in life scar people too.

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