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Re: [IP] STomach or LEg???????

I tried other areas than belly, but find them either hard to reach, not
enough fat (pretty uncomfortable), or likely to get dislodged. For women,
has anyone ever dared to try breast tissue? After all, I would think not
many nerve endings. But I'd be chicken to try it unless someone knows
something about it.

I went very high one time because the cannula had pulled out and it was
basically positioned a little too far out of my line of sight (buttock/back
area). I mentioned it to my endo, and he said stick to safe areas where you
can protect from pressure and are able to observe the site. Made good sense
to me.

>Hi I just wanted to know if many people use their legs or other
>appendages apart from their tummys. I've just used my leg for the first
>time and it seems much better in ways. i.e. it doesn't hurt so much
>going in, plus it is easier to see when putting it in and putting the
>tape on it.
>AND my sugars seemed to be just fine with it in the leg.
>Well any comments are welcome.
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