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Hello Fellow Pumpers.. Well I had the real experience this evening..
since it is Diabetes Month.. my educator invited me to speak at a forum
that the local drug store was putting of..there was guest speakers, an
endo,nurse educator,dietition, rep from Chemistry lab,pharmacy
manager..each spoke on their speciality areas..then I was asked to come
up and speak on the pump..well! I felt like Miss America for a moment..I
have been only pumping for 7 weeks now and I'm still on a cloud.. so I
was very excited..so I thought I would share this moment will all of
yous..there are only two of us on the pump in Nfld.. so trying very hard
to spread the word..

Secondly, I have a question to ask regarding site bumps and scars..do
the bumps eventually leave..my abdomen is like a bunch of
poke-a-dots..I'm afraid what it will look like after a number of years
using the pump..my endo suggested using the needle..presently I using
the Softset and I like it.. does any one have any suggestions..
Yours in Pumping
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