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[IP] Local ADA

Thanks for the responses to my feelings on the ADA.  I strongly agree with
others in this group that have advised in starting a support group locally.
Whatever helps!!  The ADA supports many support groups across the country, and
I would still suggest you might contact them for advise in how to start one in
your area (unless others in this group have suggestions, too). 

I ran a general diabetes support group for a few years shortly after being
diagnosed.  The key is to let others know you are doing this, and
communicating to local doctors, hospitals, etc.  Perhaps putting flyers in the
hospital or endo.'s office would help, too.  Often, newspapers will publish
either small ads or even FULL PAGE articles for non-profit programs or
organizations.  With the start of this group (if you start it this month) and
the fact that November is National Diabetes Month, publicity might come easier
from the local paper or even TV/radio at no charge.

I wish you all the very best as you begin your group.  Please let us know how
it goes!!!
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