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Re: [IP] Pork Insulin In The Pump????

As a side note, I started pumping as a teenager and after years of poor
control, improved my control dramatically when I was about 20.  As my
control tightened (WITH PORK INSULIN) I lost a good deal of hypo awareness.
At the time, they explained that as the result of a loss of the large bg
swings.  If you do any steep drops from a long very high high (like 350++)
you may find that you feel hypo anywhere from 200 on down, depending on how
far or how fast you drop.  When my control stays within a hundred point
range 55-155 most of the time, awareness comes back.  This is true with
humalog, humulin and it was true with the pork insulin.  When I run
consistently under 100 and spend a good deal of time in the 30-90 range, I
loose much of it again.  The switch from Regular to Humulin did initially
change the symptoms a bit but, again, if I loosed the control a little, it
does come back.

John Neale wrote:

> Sam in Re: [IP] pumping siblings!! wrote:
> > When she went to humulin she had a significant decline in
> > hypoglycemic awareness. Going back to port seems to have helped
> > her quite a bit. I don't know all the details... she lives about
> > a 1,000 miles south of me, in the Los Angeles metro area, so we
> > haven't talked about all the details recently. I don't know if
> > any long-term pumper has discovered any reversal of this low BG
> > unawareness syndrome with humulin... or, once it's gone is it
> > gone forever?
> >
> > Lilly seems to deny that there is a problem with humulin and
> > hypo unawareness... I suspect that it's probably cheaper for
> > them to produce and stock just one line of insulin, instead of
> > having the whole range in both humulin and pork. So, they want
> > to phase out everything else but humulin.
> Sam,
> The package insert for Lilly's Humulin here in Britain says:
> "A few patients who have had hypos after switching from animal insulin
> to human insulin have reported that the early warning syptoms were less
> obvious or different."
> In that vague pharmaceutical legalese, it sounds like they are worried
> enough about a problem to put a warning in the package insert.
> Michael mentioned raising the bg for a month or two to regain hypo
> awareness. This works sometimes, but here the problem has been
> specifically linked to the use of human insulin rather than pork, and
> hypo awareness returns when you switch back to pork.
> I'm not condemning human insulin per se. Some prefer human insulin,
> others don't like it. Some prefer pork, others don't like it. Similarly
> some prefer Humalog, others have an adverse reaction to it. The problem
> is that the whole insulin industry has in the last twenty years been
> bought up by Lilly and Novo, who now pretty well have the whole business
> carved up between them. They have reduced massively the range of
> insulins available so they can increase in the brand awareness of their
> own high profit insulins. That's good business sense, but we who have
> individual preferences suffer.
> Incidently, I pumped pork insulin for the first few weeks when I started
> on the pump a year ago. I was already on pork, and my logic was that I
> didn't want to change both the method of delivery and the insulin itself
> at the same time. If there was any problem, I wouldn't know what was
> causing it. In fact,
> pumping pork was fine - just a little unresponsive as it has a much
> slower peak with me. I switched to Humalog after a few weeks, and ZOOM!
> There seems no logic in pumping pork unless you have a specific need for
> it, since the beauty of pumping is that you can utilies the speed of
> Humalog to really good effect.
> John
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