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Re: [IP] eep, eep, eep, warning,epp, eep, eep

Congratulations Nancy!

Any advice for those of us just starting out on the pregnancy path?

Nancy Ludwig wrote:

> Hello,
> Just wanted to let you know that bathing in Skin So Soft oil from Avon is not such a hot idea.
> I felt really "dry" all day yesterday and for the weeks previous, I have been lathering up in lotion everyday.  So I thought maybe I should just soak in some oil. :-)
> Well, it worked, I am soft and smooth....BUT this morning my pump site was hurting and I looked down at it and the oil had "eaten" through the adhesive and it was dangling by part of the tape and the canular.  (I use the silhoutte sets.)
> Needless to say, I changed the site and my sugar this morning was 65.  No harm, no fowl.
> Side note:  I am 34 weeks along now in the pregnancy, my last Ha1c was 6.4 and the little muffin, they say, has alot of hair and is already "breathing".  She looks great!   The doctors will c-section on Thanksgiving weekend "if I can make it that far".  Time will tell.
> Thanks for listening
> Smooth as silk,
> Nancy :-)
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