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Re: [IP] STomach or LEg???????

> Hi I just wanted to know if many people use their legs or other
> appendages apart from their tummys. I've just used my leg for the first
> time and it seems much better in ways. i.e. it doesn't hurt so much
> going in, plus it is easier to see when putting it in and putting the
> tape on it.
> AND my sugars seemed to be just fine with it in the leg.
> Well any comments are welcome.
> Pumpgirl

be aware that if you exercise and the insertion site is over muscle 
that moves, the site can easily go bad - and - the insulin absorption 
will vary during exercise. Lily has had this problem with sites too 
low on her buttocks when she then runs a lot during soccer practice. 
The problem was easily solved by moving the site up an inch or so.
This happended a couple of times before she figured out what the 
problem was and has not recurred since she moved the site placement.

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