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Re: [IP] Re: Carbohydrate counting

>      Adam, the carbohydrate "guides" that I've used are great to help learn 
>      about carb counting, but unless you carry a scale and/or measuring cup 
>      with you to every meal, they have their limits!:-)  If you're trying 
>      to figure out carb content in dorm food, I'd recommend talking with 
>      someone in the food service organization.  In the case of a large 
>      university like UofW, there's probably a dietician on staff that helps 
>      "design" the menus.  Explain your situation and ask if they can 
>      provide a carb count for many of the meals.

Hang in there after a year or two of carb counting, you tell how much 
is there for 80 - 90% of foodstuffs simply by looking at them. There 
is a pretty good guide in the back of Pumping Insulin that can be 
photocopied (reduced) onto a couple of pages that are easily folded 
for carrying around. Most resturants, cafe's etc... use standard 8 or 
12 ounce water tumblers that can be used to measure volumes of 
rice, potatoes, mac-cheese, etc... with pretty good accuracy. If you 
regularly eat in the same place, see if they will let you leave a 
food scale in a cabinet or storage locker in their facility. Most 
folks are fairly nice about that sort of thing.
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