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[IP] RE: Brittle Diabetes / Kasey on Sites Fading

Yes, I'm brittle too and have been for 33 years-  I have periods of time
when my BG doesn't swing but they've been rare.  Now the endo thinks I
have gastroparesis (the stomach thing) and I'm awaiting test results. My
BG has been marinally better since I've been on the pump but far from
the golden reports of Ha1cs that others post here.  My last Ha1c was
8.5- not where I'd like it.  I'm still just'hobbling' along.

My sites don't fade out for a 3 weeks either.  Sigh.  And you're right
it does seem like a long time- especially in a 'bad' month when I'm
needing to change sites often for whatever reason.
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