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Re: [IP] Pork Insulin In The Pump????

Sam in Re: [IP] pumping siblings!! wrote:
> When she went to humulin she had a significant decline in
> hypoglycemic awareness. Going back to port seems to have helped
> her quite a bit. I don't know all the details... she lives about
> a 1,000 miles south of me, in the Los Angeles metro area, so we
> haven't talked about all the details recently. I don't know if
> any long-term pumper has discovered any reversal of this low BG
> unawareness syndrome with humulin... or, once it's gone is it
> gone forever?
> Lilly seems to deny that there is a problem with humulin and
> hypo unawareness... I suspect that it's probably cheaper for
> them to produce and stock just one line of insulin, instead of
> having the whole range in both humulin and pork. So, they want
> to phase out everything else but humulin.


The package insert for Lilly's Humulin here in Britain says:

"A few patients who have had hypos after switching from animal insulin
to human insulin have reported that the early warning syptoms were less
obvious or different."

In that vague pharmaceutical legalese, it sounds like they are worried
enough about a problem to put a warning in the package insert.

Michael mentioned raising the bg for a month or two to regain hypo
awareness. This works sometimes, but here the problem has been
specifically linked to the use of human insulin rather than pork, and
hypo awareness returns when you switch back to pork.

I'm not condemning human insulin per se. Some prefer human insulin,
others don't like it. Some prefer pork, others don't like it. Similarly
some prefer Humalog, others have an adverse reaction to it. The problem
is that the whole insulin industry has in the last twenty years been
bought up by Lilly and Novo, who now pretty well have the whole business
carved up between them. They have reduced massively the range of
insulins available so they can increase in the brand awareness of their
own high profit insulins. That's good business sense, but we who have
individual preferences suffer.

Incidently, I pumped pork insulin for the first few weeks when I started
on the pump a year ago. I was already on pork, and my logic was that I
didn't want to change both the method of delivery and the insulin itself
at the same time. If there was any problem, I wouldn't know what was
causing it. In fact, 
pumping pork was fine - just a little unresponsive as it has a much
slower peak with me. I switched to Humalog after a few weeks, and ZOOM!

There seems no logic in pumping pork unless you have a specific need for
it, since the beauty of pumping is that you can utilies the speed of
Humalog to really good effect.

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