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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #608

Bravo!  Good for you!

email @ redacted wrote:

>      Happy D-Day to me
>      Happy D-Day to ME!
>      I pass 37 years diabetic (and still walking, talking, eating,
>      fathering, working, typing and doing all those things with my internal
>      original G-d given parts other than this funny excuse for beta-cells
>      attached to my tunny)
>      Happy D-Day to Me!!
>      Well, let me see.
>      39.1 years old
>      37 years diabetes
>      18 1/2 years on a pump (does this mean I've finally passed my halfway
>      point and I've spent half of my diabetic life pumping?? HURRAY???)
>      By the way: there was an article from another long term pumper about
>      long-term feelings on pump.  DITTO!!
>      I actually MISSED the very UP time due to the fact that I started
>      blind (literally) and spent first four months struggling with the
>      meachanics of the pump to maintain sugars between 70 and 110!
>      Seems to have worked though.  I returned to college fully sighted at
>      the end of the summer (four months later) and was able to complete my
>      last semester as well as work for a parachute manufacturer writing
>      software (and learn to fly a plane).
>      Yerachmiel Altman
>      old man on the pump totem poll
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