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RE: [IP] Re: Question

I've been off - line for a while, so I apologize for my delay in responding.
Of the three endocrinologists I have dealt with on a regular basis in the
Atlanta area, all of them tend to follow the thought process that I outlined
below.  What has been your experience with the results acheived when putting
a child who refuses to take control of his care on a pump?


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Typically - a pump is not recommended until an A1c is within a reasonable
range in children.  Of course, this is only the case when high A1c levels
are due to poor effort on behalf of the patient.  If a younger person cannot
adequately control their bg levels, they probably don't have the
responsibility needed to handle the pump.  "Doc shopping" will more than
likely NOT solve this problem. Hunter Hughes, NREMT-P<<<

My experience and belief is entirely opposite your statement.  Glad we are
all entitled to our opinions....

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