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Re: [IP] Remembering basal rates

I can attest to it - Sara has a very detailed, big log book.  And the fact
that she carries it around totally impressed me, since I have a hard enough
time remembering to write anything down.

I also made up my own book, based on similar lines, graphing bloodsugars
and exercise and recording blood sugars, food, insulin and set changes - 24
hours a day.  And then there's the note section.  When I showed it to the
endo he almost fell over.  He had never seen so much detail.  I have found
it to be very useful for rate testing, but I stopped writing things down
recently (okay, in September - I am in full avoidant behavior mode) and
need to get back on the horse.  Sounds like a good New Year's resolution...


>I have a really good, full page chart/log that has space for ALL sugar
>readings, what you ate at each meal, basal rate, bolus...i revised something i
>got when I first got my pump...If anyone wants a copy, lemme know - it is in
>microsoft works format.  Janine will tell you it is pretty detailed...It
>includes those oft-overlokked hours between 12 midnight and 3 am...when I am
>usually up and about and injesting...

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