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[IP] Re: High BG after Exercise - Dianne Massey

>There's a lot of conversation about this in this newgroup from time to
time and someone was going to write a FAQ on it.  Rhonda, I believe, was
an exercise physiologist and is now a CDE.

	I believe it is me that you are referring to.... :)  Yes - I am a clinical
exercise physiologist (working in a hospital cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
and wellness facility) as well as a CDE.  And yes, I have said more times
than I can remember that I am going to write an FAQ on this subject!
Admittedly though, I haven't gotten very far!  I promise to give it another
go when I return from our upcoming South Africa/Zimbabwe trip.  Until then I
would be happy & more than willing to respond individually to persons on
this list.  Feel free to email me privately as well.  The answers posted to
these exercise questions have been excellent(!), btw.  I am always impressed
by the knowledge and insight of this fabulous group of people.

Always in health,
Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE

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