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Re: [IP] Health Insurance

Katherine Brandt wrote:
> I have a question here about health insurance for diabetics in the US. I
> am Canadian and get full coverage here in Canada but my husband has
> expressed interest in looking for work in the US at some point in the
> future. My biggest concern is that I will never be able to get any
> health coverage in the US - being a diabetic on the pump. His field is
> medical physics/medical research so he would likely be working for a
> hospital or a university. Mine is landscape architecture - small firms
> that never seem to have good health insurance plans. Is it likely that I
> would ever be able to get covered by my husband's plan or would I have
> to go through a 2 year waiting period.....or never get covered?

You should be able to be covered by your husband's medical insurance, once
it goes into effect for him, probably at 3 months after strating work there.
You MIGHT be classified as having a "pre-existing condition", but I think you 
should be able to claim your were already covered by the Canadian government,
therefore they must include you as an extension of existing coverage, even if 
was in a different country. Seems the Federal law that says "pre-existing 
conditions" can't be held against you if you were covered MUST accept you.
You might want to stock up on supplies a bit beforehand and only move here
after his probationary period is over, just to play it safe. Hate to see you
lose a chance because you weren't covered for the intervening months.....

Incidentally, most health insurance plans I'm aware of in the US only
keep you from getting covered for 1 year, not 2, though this may vary
in some plans.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/