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Re: [IP] need suggestions

> For anyone looking for ways to encourage children to use the pump
> the ADA had some great articles on this very topic about 6 months
> ago in their monthly magazine. I believe the pump + kids was the key
> topic of that month.

The ADA article was in the March 98 issue of forcast. For my nickle, 
I think it was sneakly negative in the sense the that general 
impression I got from the article was that the pump is difficult to 
use and only for 'special' highly motivated kids. My observation is 
that this in not the case and that almost every kids who can play a 
video game or run a calculator could handle a pump much easier than 
several injections a day. The motivation of 'having control' makes a 
hugh difference to a child.

My 0.02 worth

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