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[IP] Remembering basal rates

I have a really good, full page chart/log that has space for ALL sugar
readings, what you ate at each meal, basal rate, bolus...i revised something i
got when I first got my pump...If anyone wants a copy, lemme know - it is in
microsoft works format.  Janine will tell you it is pretty detailed...It
includes those oft-overlokked hours between 12 midnight and 3 am...when I am
usually up and about and injesting...

I photocopy it front to back and keep it in a 3 ring binder...then when i go
to the doc, I can take it to him.  I am not premenopausal, I dont think, but
my basal rates flucutuate with the time of th emonth, and the price of bread
in China, so I don't even try to remember them...I have more important things
to crowd into my bain cells...so I write them in this log...and it has a space
for every hour of the day, so if I was that ANAL I could have 24 different
rates...if my pump accommodated that many, which it doesnt

There is a space at the top where I can notate if i am sick, or other factors
that might affect my day's numbers...like having to show a doctor my log, or
my eye bled...or something like that

8-)=B xoxx~~~~[507]
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