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Re: "Brittle pumper", was: Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V2#597

i've been what they say a brittle diabetic too. my blood tests were terrible
before the pump. i didn't hardly test at all, but could tell i was high. now
if i don't test myself often i feel like i'm being bad. now i want to test
myself all the  time. i have noticed that when my husband and i have a few
drinks my blood goes up about 8 hours later(but i constantly test myself while
we are drinking). i also have noticed my stomach looks like i have chicked pox
because of the insertions and at times it does itch around the tape. i usually
have to change my site at least once a week do to some kind of problem. i
don't write too much but enjoy reading other people that do. thanks, carol
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