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[IP] reusing syringes

I have read several comments about reusing syringes.  How do you get the
tubing off?  I've been able to use insulin from one syringe to put in a new
one, but can't figure how to undo the tubing at the neck of the syringe.  Is
there another way?  I was able last week to keep a SofSet in for 6 whole
days and used almost the entire 300 units. I don't think I want to alwyas do
that, though. I'm a visual learner and newbe pumper, so if you can help me
understand how to reuse supplies, please give me step by step instructions.
Also, where can I get information on how to convert BGLs to HA1cs?  Thanks!
You have no idea how comforting you all are to new new person. Deborrah
I pray God's richest blessing for you and your family.  
Dr. Deborrah Caddell
Coordinator, Student Academic Center
South Plains College, Lubbock

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