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> From: "Nette" <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Nette <email @ redacted>
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> Nette <email @ redacted> I am from Louisville, KY.  My 15 year old 
> son has had IDDM since age 7.  We are currently researching the pump 
> to see if it may help my son gain better control of his diabetes and give  
> him a little more freedom.

As the father of a diabetic youngster, I can only say that 

"> him a little more freedom." is a hugh understatement of the 
benefits of pumping for a young person with diabetes. My daughter 
literally got her life back when she started pumping. Just as an 
example, on Holloween, Lily came home, skipped dinner, went to a 
friends house (said she'd get a bite to eat there), when out with her 
friends and collect a hugh bag of candy and came home late. I fully 
expect she will probably eat all the candy, although she is the 
oldest of our 5 kids and brought home the smallest bag. Her little 
brother Leo brought her home a bunch of peanut butter cups, which he 
knows she likes. What's my point? Well, Lily won't pig out on the 
candy, she'll eat a few a day or when she gets low. Can your child do 
this. Lily sleeps in on weekends, goes out with friends with/without 
meals. Goes to camp in the summer for 2 weeks (regular camp not 
diabetic). Basically she leads a pretty normal life. The 
"wake, test, shoot, eat, snack, test, eat, snack, test, eat, sleep" 
all at fixed time regemien is GONE and has been since she started 
pumping at age 11 - 4 years ago. So is the schedule for the rest of 
the family. 

Do I still worry? Of course. I have a second alarm clock that is set 
for 2:30 am. I wake and check her every night. The pump is not a 
cure, only a better treatment. It make life much easier for Lily and 
for the rest of us as well. You will not regret a decision to get 
your son a pump.

If you have not visited our website, then you should know that all 
these kids pump! There are more, I just can't keep track of all of 

 2 Hannah
17 (started at 3) Ellissa
 4 Will
 4 Malcom
 5 (started at 4) Drew
 5 Kayla
 6 Brendan
 6 Megan
 6 Jessica
 6 Jason
 7 (started at 6) Cameron
 7 Rachel
 7 David
10 Zach (started 7.5)
 8 Laura
 8 Chris
 8 Marisa
 8 Jarrod
 8 TJ
11 Angie (started 8)
 9 Stephanie #2
 9 Brandon
 9 Paul
 9 Jenna
13 1/2 ( started at 10) Darren
10 Reed
10 Ravi
10 Spencer
10 Kim
10 Nikki
11 Amy
11 Brian
11 Nate
14 (started at 11) Lily
12 Lauren
14 (started at 12) Justin
15 (started at 13) Melissa
13 Chelsey 
16 (started 14) Stephanie #1
14 Jason
14 Nathaneal
15 Brian
15 Sara
16 Bryan

In addition, there are quite a few kids age 7 - 10 waiting for pumps
in the next month or two.
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/