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Re: [IP] Various sites and red bumps

In a message dated 11/2/98 9:30:59 AM Mountain Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< There are about 4 good sites on each side of the tummy
 area.  So that equals out to eight changes, or just over 3 weeks.  And
 those red dots are still there after 3 weeks.  They do slowly fade out,
 but 3 weeks seems like way to long.  It's actually closer to 5 weeks
 before the dot is colmpetely gone.   >>


This matches my experience, although I'm not sure my little red dots actually
go away.  My abdomen looks like it has little pink freckles all over it.  They
aren't a lot darker than my skin tone, but I can see them if I look closely.
When I first remove a cannula, I often get a tiny scab, which falls off within
a week, leaving the little red dot, about the size of a grain of salt.  Once
the scab is gone, I really don't pay much attention to it, I hardly ever
experience itching, I mix insulins.  I doubt if I ever reinsert in EXACTLY the
same location, I have these little dots spread out all over, with about 1/4
inch in between them.

I only use my abdomen, and have about the same number of good areas as Kayla,
and change every 3 to 4 days.

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