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[IP] More reasons for pumping

Wendy, now sounds like the perfect time to go on the pump.  Since you're 
already on 4 injections, the pump is probably LESS work.  Also, with the 
new baby, your "variable" sleep schedule has probably caused some of the 
highs and lows.  While some nighttime testing is helpful when first 
figuring out your basals on the pump, you can look at it like this: "if 
you're up anyway.....!"

One of the best lifestyle reasons, though, becomes more apparent as your 
child gets older.  I can't imagine trying to squeeze in testing AND 
injections while dealing with a toddler who's ready to eat!  With our 
(almost) 3 year old and 14 month old, meal times are complete chaos!


>I have been on insulin for 20 years and just had a baby girl.  My a1c's 
>are good but I take 4 shots of insulin a day and still have many low 
>blood sugar reactions.  I think this may be the reason my a1c's are so 
>good.  I still have too many hi's and low's and taking care of a baby is 
>my main priority right now so I am considering going on the pump. I 
>have some concerns though, and my mind is not fully made up so I  
>need all the information I can get. Thank you, Wendy Alfieri
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