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Re: [IP] Various sites and red bumps

What is the experience of all the pumpers out there regarding how long
it takes those little red dots to go away after removing the infusion
set?  I ask because it seems to take so long for Kayla's sites to heal. 
A few notes - we change sets every 3 days, she's had no infections,
little red bumps do appear with every site, and Kayla immediately
scratches around them after each set change.  I don't think she's
allergic to the tape, I just think it's like removing a bandaid you've
worn all day - it itches under there!

Oh yeah, she uses Humalog.  She's small, so we don't have a lot of
surface area to use.  We do rotate all over the tummy area on each side
of the navel.  There are about 4 good sites on each side of the tummy
area.  So that equals out to eight changes, or just over 3 weeks.  And
those red dots are still there after 3 weeks.  They do slowly fade out,
but 3 weeks seems like way to long.  It's actually closer to 5 weeks
before the dot is colmpetely gone.  We end up having to go to her love
handle area, but those sites don't seem to last as long and her numbers
run consistently high when we use them.  I have to increase her basal
rate if we use her backside.  Guess it's an absorption thing.

Anyway, any relevant comments are appreciated!

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