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Re: [IP] Local ADA

Dear email @ redacted,

I personally did not want to say that ADA does not do plenty of good. I can
only vouch for the two areas I spoke of (CA - Sonoma and Santa Clara
counties). Your personal experience sounds much better! We obviously need
all the help we can get, and I've benefited from a lot of articles in the
Forecast. Even recently, I think the content of Forecast has become more
'real' -- more factual and useful. Unfortunately, once I learned the
'basics' several years ago (Type 1, 7 years), I found that most of the
content of Forecast was not specific enough. Take the diet guidelines, for
instance, which are repeated verbatim every issue. There are many other
publications/discussions, in the diet area alone, that are delving into
this much more fruitfully (bad pun!).

I'd venture to guess that the Forecast is of most use to the newly
diagnosed, probably since it's almost relentlessly upbeat! There is room
for a lot more -- that's all I can say! For example, my husband, who was
diagnosed Type 2 4 years ago, stopped reading Forecast issues altogether.
He only looks at the ads once in a while. I still look through the whole
issue, and enjoy a lot of it.

To go outside the functions of ADA does not mean lack of respect for their
(our) basic goals. When I was diagnosed I was advised to join the ADA, my
local society, and MedicAlert. All good suggestions and not necessarily
overlapping. Beyond those, I read a lot, love this kind of net group, try
to go to a local support group, attend seminars and health fairs, joined
the IDAA, subscribe to Diabetes Interview, pepper my MD with questions, and
try to pay attention to my individual treatment goals.

Do I have time to do anything else? Not really!

Tina Farrell
Writing, Editing, Design
email @ redacted

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