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"Brittle pumper", was: Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #597

Heather asked:

>still swinging at all? Is anyone else on the list "brittle" and do you 
>still swing even on the pump?

I've been described as "brittle" for much of my career with diabetes. The
term doesn't appear to be in common use anymore, but was often used to
describe someone with difficult to control BG levels.

My BG levels pre pump would drop 200 points or more in a 30 minute time
span. They would rise as quickly at other times. It was extremely difficult
to maintain normal BG levels for any consistent time span, since I would
crash and burn so easily. I suffered numerous severe hypos requiring
medical intervention, though I never experienced DKA.

I still have swings on the pump. Less extreme, but my BG can still drop and
rise rapidly. The swings have narrowed down - 200 + points in a 30 minute
time span are no longer common.  For me, the pump doesn't eliminate all the
"problems" of diabetes, but it makes many of them easier to deal with.
Pumping provides a much greater level of control, lends consistency that I
never could achieve previously. It allows me to concentrate on trying to
deal with some of the variables that cause these swings, and control the
ones which can be controlled. I find things more predictable, but surprises
still crop up.

I don't have any particular problem with the word "brittle" (many people
don't like the word, or the negative connotations). I'd still describe
myself as brittle. Maybe now that I'm on the pump I'm more "taffy like"
than brittle, but these swings still happen.

Bob Burnett

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