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[IP] Pump vs Shots

I have been on 1 to 5 shots per day since 1961.  I have only been on the
pump since July 1998.  My experience so far has made me a firm believer
in the pump.  Diabetes never slowed me down but the pump has increased
my freedom tremendously.  It has made traveling for both pleasure and
business easier and has even made primative camping easier.  I wish they
had had it when I was 15. You do have to be aware of sweating (loosened
the glue on the tape when I was clearing trees from a road) and be
careful about snaging the tubing but those are the only problems I have
had so far.  The pump and the blood meter make diabetes easier to manage
than how I started with the urine sugar test kit, sharpening the needles
and boiling the glass syringes.  If your son is as diabetes aware as I
was then the pump can only help him.
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