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[IP] Local ADA

I am concerned about the communications between some of you regarding the
American Diabetes Association (ADA).  I have been involved with this
organization for over 10 years (since my diagnosis) as a member, volunteer,
chapter President, and Affiliate Board Member (now referred to as Area
Leadership Council Members) and have been very pleased with their mission and
accomplishments.  The mission of the ADA (for those of you not familiar with
it) is "To find a cure for Diabetes and help those affected by it and their
families".  That means US!!  For those of you looking for support in your
local areas (i.e., Huntsville), have you contacted the ADA (either in your
area or the national office) for help?  The ADA is not member hungry or
possessive.  They are, however, in most instances, unable (not unwilling) to
contribute a list of members.  This is a privacy issue for it's membership,
not a deliberate refusal to help those interested in starting a support group.

Most of the people involved with this organization are either medical
professionals in the field of diabetes, or volunteers like me.  I strongly
encourage anyone interested in starting or having a local chapter or support
group with the support/resources of the largest organization supporting the
search for a cure for diabetes contact the ADA.  Who knows, you may find a lot
more than you thought you would.  

If you contact them, and have difficulties with their response, that's a whole
different story.  However, the communications I have seen, so far, have not
indicated any contacts have been made.  I might suggest taking a look at
www.Diabetes.org, too.
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