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Re: [IP] "Spare pump" was: Lost Basal Rates

At 06:05 AM 11/01/1998  Bob Burnett wrote:
>Sam and Ruth were chuckling:
>>>That's a splendid idea.  Could we pump memory along with our 
>>>insulin too?
>>Sounds like a great idea. I desperately need to pump in some
>>more memory... my remaining mental capacity seems to be slowly
>>dribbling out my left ear every night. What would I set my
>>memory basal at... extra high? (I need as much help as I can
>My mental capacity also dribbles out my left ear at night. I'm 
>not sure if
>this is related to age, total length of time with diabetes, or
>For me, the best cure is simply sleeping on my right side.
>my mental
>capacity "dribble" is slower out this side. Of course, YMMV 

Unfortunately it'll dribble out the right ear equally fast...
I've know this, because I've been cited for double dribbling
recently. Maybe I need to learn to sleep on my back and wear
ear-plugs. Even better, I probably need to wear a complete wet
suit and keep the mental juices from seeping out my pores.


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