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Re: [IP] pumping siblings!!

At 02:45 PM 10/30/1998  John Neale wrote:
>Pork Velosulin is sold by Novo in Germany, so people here are
>definitely pumping it. I tried to get some Human Velosulin a
>few weeks ago, and the pharmacist gave me pork by mistake 
>(schwein insulin...)

>I'm curious to know why your sister prefers pork insulin. I
>human insulin for about 10 years, and then went back to pork
insulin. I 
>found I had much less trouble with nighttime hypos. In fact,
>nighttime hypos stopped completely when I went back to pork

When she went to humulin she had a significant decline in
hypoglycemic awareness. Going back to port seems to have helped
her quite a bit. I don't know all the details... she lives about
a 1,000 miles south of me, in the Los Angeles metro area, so we
haven't talked about all the details recently. I don't know if
any long-term pumper has discovered any reversal of this low BG
unawareness syndrome with humulin... or, once it's gone is it
gone forever?

Lilly seems to deny that there is a problem with humulin and
hypo unawareness... I suspect that it's probably cheaper for
them to produce and stock just one line of insulin, instead of
having the whole range in both humulin and pork. So, they want
to phase out everything else but humulin.


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