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Re: [IP] Flu shot

At 09:48 AM 10/31/1998  Debbie and Tim Prosinski wrote:
>Just saw my endo yesterday - he gave me a flu shot.  Question -

>has anyone ever experienced high bg readings after a flu shot?
>was over 400 late last night, and still over 200 when I woke up

>this morning (even though I bolused a usually appropriate
>to bring the 400 down).  Just to be safe, I changed my site
>morning in case that was the problem, but I was just wondering
>anyone else had ever had highs after their flu shot.  Thanks!

I didn't notice much of a difference after the shot (side from
the usual sore arm). Either that means that this shot didn't do
much to me or it is another infamous example of YMMV. (I lean
toward the latter)


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