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[IP] Problems with Apria!


Keep saving that money!  Apria will sooner or later discover that they
have not billed you.  They will get someone in their insurance billing
department who actually knows something and you will get a bill. Trust me
on this one!  When they do finally bill you, examine the bill very
closely.  We have had the same problem on a number of occasions from our
local Apria.  But the good news is that HMO's contract with Apria runs
out at the end of this year(locally anyway).  Complain to your insurance
company about all the blunders from Apria.  They really do listen.  All
your complaints do determine whether a company gets another contract from
the insurance company.  I am sure that I will no longer have to deal with
Apria after this year!

Rose (aka Ravi's mom)