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Re: [IP] Re: Apria's billing

I know that the insurer does not pay the "billed" price, Gina, but if you
have a percentage copay, or a cap to the dollar amount, that billed price,
from what I can tell, is what they go by.  I have both.  I am not the only
one.  I too, work in health care.  I believe that it is CRIMINAL and I hope
illegal somewhere to "bill" one amount and actually get paid a different,
secret amount.   Especially when capped amounts and copay percentages are
calculated at the billed rate.  Let's think for a minute.  They billed
$16,000 for a $4500 item.  Regardless of whether they collected that amount
or not.  Insane.  

: )   Deep sigh on the part of the patient advocate.