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Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic


If your pump is providing those things you were looking for when you
started on pump therapy, it is probably the right pump for you. If you are
happy with the quality of service, reliability, "freedom", ease of use,
etc., you probably made the right choice.

Many doctors do not *offer* a choice simply because they do not know a lot
about the "other pump". Like us, they are often more comfortable with
products and procedures which they are already familiar with, and make
recommendations based on this comfort factor. Things can get a bit more
complicated though, when the marketing folks get involved ;-)

My doctor did not recommend one pump over the other when I started, but was
forthright in telling me that he had no experience with the other brand.
All his pumpers (I don't know the exact number) used the brand I initially
started with. I am the only pumper in his practice who switched pumps.

I changed pumps after 14 months based on a number of factors, and am glad I
did. However, I don't think I made the *wrong* choice initially when I
started pumping with the other brand. I really don't think we are able to
define clearly what our long term requirements and needs re: pump therapy
are going to be when we start. I think we should all have the maximum
number of options available to us, the freedom to choose wisely, and the
freedom to change our minds down the road if we feel the need ;-)

Bob Burnett

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