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Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic

>I was just wondering.....I am using the MiniMed 507.  My endo didn't offer me
>a choice when I first started the pump.  I didn't know there was another pump
>manufacturer out there.  Now I was wondering from those of you on the
>Disetronic what do you like about your pump.  I am wondering if I got the
>better of the two.  Thanks for any info.

Hi Cindy,
I like the Disetronic V100 for several reasons but I also like the sounds
of some of the features of the MM507.

When I shower, I "cap" the pump, bag it and shower and don't have to
disconnect if I don't want to.  I currently use the Rapid infusion set (I
had some problems with delivery with the Tender) so there is no disconnect
feature with this set.

 The pump is programed to deliver .5 unit with each click which means I can
easily bolus without taking the pump out and viewing it by counting the
number of beeps.  (I understand that it can be programed for .1 by the
company if recommended by the doctor but it sounds like too much of a
hassle to me to take a bolus of 2.3 units (23 clicks)instead of 2.5units (5

My pump only gives the last bolus instead of the last several (?) like the
newer model and the MM does.  I wish I had that feature.

After 2 years, my pump has to go back to the company to be reprogrammed for
an additional 2 years service.  While there, they also check it out to make
sure all is in order.  In the meantime, I already have another pump in my
possession to replace it.  There is no time off the pump waiting for the
company to send a replacement if something goes wrong.  ( If I even think I
may be having problems with my pump, I can always switch to the other and
see if the problem is eliminated.)

I think I might also benefit from the square wave bolus feature on the MM.
I cannot set a "temporary" increase in basal, only decrease it.  So if I
should want to do a swb, I'd have to remember to reset the basal rate for
the next day.  Is the swb a feature one would want to use only on "special"