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[IP] Threshold of Insulin, and Carb. counting

Hello all,

It seems that stright-forward carb. counting is not so stright for 
me. There seems to be threshold of insulin, and every added unit 
there after have much greater effect.
70 grams of carb. (during lunch) requires for me to bolus about 17 
units of Regular. When eating much less, and I do mean less (around 
20 grams) It requires 12-13 units. 

Using a constant ratio, and some common sense, It seems that about 
1/3 of carb. should require about 1/3 of Insulin, while it takes 2/3 

Any ideas ?
'Being smart can make you very stupid'
ain't that a good excuse ?
    Killing brain cells in purpose, Alon Levi.