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Re: [IP] No delivery alarm may indicate tubing bound up

Hi Carol and Mary Jean.

I've had the no delivery alarm on my 506 go off a # of times in the past on
seperate occassions. Usually, it appearred to be caused by tight constriction
of the tubing ( example: underneath my belt line ). Once straightened out it
worked well.  However...one time my Mini Med 506 alarm malfunctioned--it
became oversensative ( an over sensative high pressure switch was the culprit
)  and started going off very often. This was combined with rising bg
levels,as you may imagine. The pump would not operate unless it was raised
over my head (gravity assistance). Mini-Med service was excellent--They sent
me a new pump in 12 hours and explained to me what went wrong in a letter a
couple months later. And I have not had a "No Delivery" alarm since ( about 9
months ). 

Thus, I'm thinking that perhaps the high pressure switch was not operating
quite right from the time I originally recieved my first 506 pump when I
started pumping in January of 1996. Otherwise, you would think that I would
at least occassionally get a "No Delivery " alarm these days with my
replacement pump, as I sometimes did before. 

Has anyone else experienced something similiar???