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Re: [IP] HELP, No delivery alarm

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, Wasson wrote:

> When I was bolusing for lunch it seemed like it was clicking off ok, all of
> a sudden I hear a wild beeping my pump says no delivery, whats going on,
> checking back through my boulus records it says 3.7 for my lunchtime, does
> that mean I got this much. Has any one else had this alarm, I called minimed

Often if you are just sitting when you bolus for a meal and get an alarm, 
the alarm is caused by the tube being pinched by the position of your 
body or additional pressure applied in addition to a tight belt or 
elastic on shorts or panties.  Straightening up or moving around a little 
will usually clear the condition.  You can check by finding a tiny bubble 
in the tube and watching it while you complete your bolus.  If it moves 
with each click, no problem is present.  If not.... well, change the set.

Lily has had perhaps half a dozen of the kind of blockage described 
above.  Usually it has been tight elastic on a swim suit or tight fitting 
pants or something like that combined with sitting that puts additional 
stress on the 'tight' spot where the tube goes under the clothing.  On 
all but one of those occasions, the problem was rectified by standing or 
moving the tube.  The one exception proved to be a visibly damaged tube 
where insulin had actually crystalized in the tube.  She has never had a 
kink in the catheter under the skin even though she inserted manually for 
a year and probably took 20 minutes to 'slip it in' slowly (the worst 
possible way).  There have been one or two unexplained highs since she 
started Humalog which have been corrected successfully and obviously with 
set changes.  Corrupted site I guess.

So....   don't be alarmed by 'alarms'  look for a cause and check the 
flow in the tube before changing your set.


> they said change sets so I did since it was coming through at the quick
> release I just changed where it goes into the ab. the book says this could
> also be an over delivery alarm how do I know if i did'nt get more than I
> need. as you can tell this episode really freaked me out I/m going to be
> testing my bg every hour.
> carol
> Carol Wasson
> email @ redacted