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Re: [IP] tissue damage from pump use

> a question that I hope somebody could answer for me.  I have been hearing
> little about long time pump users have significant tissue changes from
> pump.  There is scarring and the sites no longer absorb well.  I believe
> correct term from some of this is "hypertrophy."  I have a MiniMed
> that shows all the possible site areas, including the arms.  It still

I have been on a pump for 9 years, using my abdomen exclusively for sites. 
When I was not as disciplined about moving my sites around, I did have some
tissue damage which recovered within 6mos to a year. Even in the few years
before I had a pump, after I was diagnosed, I always used my abdomen for

When I was pregnant, and finding a site became more difficult, I
occasionally used my hip but found it uncomfortable.

I am currently about 120% of my ideal weight, so adequate body fat is not
an issue for me.

I would never use my arm just because of the logistics of the tubing-
besides there is a lot less fat there.

Just recently, I have started using Humalog. I have heard from parents of
children who have diabetes, that Humalog creates fewer problems in terms of
tissue damage.

> they know someone who did and why?  Then my last question of the day, has
> anyone had trouble with slight weight gain after starting pump therapy?

Yes, I gained weight on a pump, because my BG was not well controlled and I
was always hungry. As it turns out, the doctor kept advising me to raise my
basal rate, but no one ever addressed the real issue of diet. I was taking
too much insulin, but the doctor didn't see it because the BG he saw were
out of range.

Once my basal rates were correctly established by a new doctor with basal
rate testing, I lost weight easily because I wasn't starving to death all
of the time.