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[IP] PostMeal bg levels

Hello list,

I wonder - what levels do you folks have some time after a meal ?
I'm currently using Regular, and even when I pump 30-40 minutes 
before a meal, I still got a level of around 180 two hours later.

Today, for example, I got 48 in the morning, ate and pumped 13 units;
at 10:30, 2 hours after my sandwitch, I had 180 ml/dl. At 12:30, I 
had 70.

This is a constant pattern. Some food carb is less radical, but this 
is the case most of the time.

The way I see it, Lispro will solve this problem - won't it ? If so, 
can some other problem rise up ?

Another thing I got to understand - When having high levels (let's 
say 250) - Taking 6 units of regular, will take this down to normal 
values within 2-4 hours (in my case). will Lispro take it as it peaks 
(30 minutes) or does it take the body time to "let the food in the 
cells" ?
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