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Re: [IP] HA1c, High, Lows - and the grey area between

You asked about the importance of Hg A1c. My understanding is that Hg A1c
is very important because it is reflective of your overall control, not
just the moment to moment BGs. 

> The average level of my bg will be around 150-160, which will give me
> HA1c of 7.2 - which is high. Now, with the same situation - but more
> low's the HA1c could go quite down. The question is - does it matter ?

Actually both the average BG as well as the daily logbook are important to
evaluate. If BG flucuate widely-40 to 400 but your A1c is decent, it is
still not good control, and you probably feel horrible.

If your A1c is higher than you see in your daily tests, maybe your BG is
high for a longer period of time than you realize.  This problem is usually
related to the post prandial (after a meal) high. In this specific
situation, Humalog may be of value so even after a meal the BG comes down

Hope this answers your question.