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Re: [IP] vitamins, antioxidents & ace inhibitors

In a message dated 11/29/97 11:25:45 PM, you wrote:

<<Does anyone know anything about this?  Any
further info would be greatly appreciated.  >>

Hi all,

I don't pretend to know a lot about these subjects,  but last spring, I
changed from my endo to a holistic Internist.  He is a REAL doctor.  The
first thing he did was put me on the pump.  He basis his practice on the
whole of the body, including the mind, instead of just treating parts.

He has recommended the following vitamins & supplements. 1) Chromium
Picolinate 200 mcg daily.  This to help utilize insulin more effectively.
 Some research says that it doesn't really help unless there is a deficiency.
 I may have had that because about a week after starting it, there was a
decrease in the amount of insulin needed. 2) L-Carnitine 1000 mg. daily, an
Amino Acid.  This is for over all vascular health.  I really can't tell you
much more, except, it is expensive.  3) A general over all high potency
multivitamin and multimineral formula.  4) Calcium (females only)  5) An
antioxidant.  The one he prefers is Grape Seed extract as he feels it is the
most effective  6) Pectin, which is also for vascular disease, which I have
big time.  It comes in numerous forms.  I use a powder that I mix with water.

I have taken an ace inhibitor for some years.  I was originally on a beta
blocker for high blood pressure.  When I started spilling some protein, I was
switched over.  The problem has remained minimal for about 10 years now.

I really don't know which, if any of these things are helping.  Vitamins,
minerals & supplements are long term things and can't be assessed in a few
months.  Since I started the pump at the same time, it could be that I'm just
feeling better because of that.  But, I am feeling better.

I don't think trying these things hurts, as long as you don't take too much
or expect them to be a cure all.  My doctor has never made promises about
their effects or claimed that they would "cure" anything.