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[IP] Complications

- -> 
- ->         Has anybody experienced any lessening or reversal of
- -> complications since starting on the pump? I have wondered about this
- -> every since seeing how well it feels to be under better control.

Buddy -

One of the minor complications I have from being diabetic for 25+
years is periodic edema (fluid) in my feet.  I would treat it with a
diuretic, and it would eventually go away.

After being on a pump for a few months, I noticed that my feet
weren't swelling anymore.  I asked my doctor about it on my next
visit.  He said that it was because I'm under better control.
Apparently, my edema is the product of variations in electrolytes,
which are exacerbated by fluctuations in blood sugar levels.  Now
that my BG levels are much flatter, the electrolytes are more
constant: ergo, less or no edema, he said.

- -lee-

<email @ redacted>
Type I 25+ yrs - MM507 pump - Humalog