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Re: [IP] Thanksgiving meal

On Fri, 28 Nov 1997, Alon Levi wrote:

> Randel,
> > > > Alon,
> > > > You asked about pumping Lispro [Humalog] and exercising.  I fit that
> > > > catagory.  I started injecting Lispro in the summer of 1996 and when I
> > > > started pumping in November 1996, I didn't want to return to R.  
> > > 
> > > I'm currently using Regular, although Lispro seems to me as a much 
> > > better choise for my active lifestyle. The reason I don't make the 
> > > switch is that it won't be available to me during militry service (at 
> > > least not on an easy way).
> > > 
> > 
> > During military service?  What branch of the military will let a 
> > diabetic in, or let one stay in?  I've met several people who were 
> > retired when their diabetes was diagnosed.  Seems like Lispro would 
> > be more adaptable to the unpredictability of a military schedule 
> > though.    Hmm... I can see it now - running up the cease fire flag 
> > so the combatants can check their blood sugar or change an infusion 
> > set...
> Well, not as quite. Actully, I was execused from the Army but I 
> volunteered. I will most likely be a militry Photographer in the Air 
> force,  or in the spokeman unit. 
> About Lispro - It seems to be that regular, although worse bg 
> results, is more suitable for the army. Mybee my bg's will be higer, 
> but the risk of "surprise" hypo is much smaller.

Not so!  if you have a hypo, it will take much longer to get it under 
control, twice as long in fact, since there will be twice as much unused 
insulin hanging around causinge it.

> After school, all of us around here must join the army. In fact, I 
> believe that It will contribue both for me and my country (as much as 
> one can contribue).
> BTW, the Pumping population is Israel is not very large (not more 
> then 500). I'm (AFAIK) the first diabetes-pumper who ever joined the 
> Army. (I know some who are now pumping, and back then where MIing)
> Happy by default, Alon Levi.