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Re: [IP] Re: Complications

Could you give me the specifics on the article (how I can get a copy) as
I think I should be on an ACE inhibitor (my endo is conservative and
works for an HMO).  I'm wanting a fight anyway (he has the tendency to p
me off) and if I've got some amo *-/


email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi Meshell,
> You stated about almost being put on an ACE inhibitor.
> It was reccommended in an article in the Diabetes Forecast ot Diabetes
> Self-Management that all diabetics be put on one. It acts as a preventative
> for kidney problems if you don't already have them. Both my sister and myself
> are diabetics. both od us were put on ACE inhibitors by two different
> doctors.
> If I can locate the article, I will let you know what issue this was in.
> My son is a physician, and he was concerned that my doc did not have me on
> one earlier.
> Sissy