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[IP] vitamins, natural medicine and real science

Well folks - haven't paid too much attention to the natural medicine debate,
but I have to share this along the same thinking.  And this is real science I
am talking about, not he said, she said, he said that he felt like a million

My toxicology professor gave me a list of about 20 articles, all recent, on
anti-oxidants and diabetes.  The theory that I have culled from the abstracts
and some brief attention (brief!!!)  is that the damage of diabetes results
to some extent from free radicals reacting with biological proteins because
the antioxidant system is overwhelmed by an extra helping of the bad guys.
 And so, naturapathic as it may be, anti-oxidant vitamins sound like a really
good idea.  Which ones, and how much?  Dunno.  Guess I need to read the whole
articles.  I'll get back to you.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Any
further info would be greatly appreciated.  

: )